School Staff

Dwight Delahunt

Office Administrators

Linda Ladouceur

Samantha Swire- Part Time Office Administrator
Gayla Weatherall-Ryan- Lunch Monitor


Kindergarten - Caroline Giguere-O'Rourke (French)
Kindergarten - TBA (English)
Kindergarten - Susanne Wilson E.C.E.
Gr. 1 -    Pat Pilon
Gr. 2/3 - Angela MacKenna
Gr. 3/4 - Tanya Vick
Gr. 4-5 - Kathryn Erickson
Gr. 6 -    Heather Nash
Gr. 7/8 - Arden Weiss, Lynne Coulombe, Leigh Donaldson

French Teachers

Gr. 1-3 Primary - Ashley Boivin

Gr. 4-6 Junior French - Kathryn Erickson

Gr. 7 & 8 Intermediate - Lynne Coulombe

Resource Teacher

Giovanna Spezzano

Educational Assistants

Barb Ham
Donna Rousselle
Dianne Bates
Patricia Ciarlo


Kristal Craig


Joshua St. George
Andrew Frechette 

Departments and Course Information

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Grades 7-8
Creative Arts 
Physical Education 
Social Studies

About Our School

Welcome to St. Michael Catholic School!

Aims of St. Michael School

The child is to be at all times the focus of St. Michael Catholic School.

1) The student will understand and know the teachings of his/her church, and through this understanding, develop sound Christian attitudes towards his/her own life and the lives of others.

2) Each student will develop a positive self-concept.

3) The student will progress in knowledge and develop a pride in his/her Canadian culture.

4) The student will develop his/her interpersonal relationship skills and an understanding and respect the rights of others.

5) The student will develop a high degree of proficiency in the areas of Language Arts and Mathematics.

6) The student will develop an understanding and an appreciation of the importance of a mentally and physically healthy body.

7) The student will develop an understanding and appreciation of nature and express this appreciation in various curriculum areas (e.g. language and creative arts), through participating in environmental club sponsored activities and through their day to day actions and expressions of care.

We are a Peanut Free School

Please help us to keep our children safe!

Agenda 2015

Activities, Clubs & Teams

School activities 

Bi-weekly masses Thursday's at 9:30 am
Recycle team
Dance Club
Green Team

Sports' teams
Cross country team
Co-Ed Tchoukball team
Track and Field
Run Over the Carp