New Hot Food Term

posted Jan 13, 2016, 11:12 AM by Linda Ladouceur

Chicken Fingers, Hamburgers, Chicken Ceasar Wraps, Chicken Club Sandwiches, Turkey Subs and Pizza.  Food for the hot lunch program will be provided by Harbour Pizza and will comply with the necessary health guidelines.  Please note that all food menu items (full descriptions are available on the CashOnline System) will cost $4.50. Pizza slices, both cheese and pepperoni, will cost $2.75.  Milk orders are extra and payment is also only available via the CashOnline System.  This term will run from February 3rd to April 13th.

Please note that all hot lunch items CAN ONLY BE SELECTED AND PAID FOR VIA THE SCHOOL CASHONLINE PROGRAM which can be accessed through the school website found at: