Lenten Project-OK Clean Water

posted Mar 12, 2015, 10:46 AM by Linda Ladouceur

Our goal this year is to raise $2000 to provide water for the people of Cameroon, Africa, to lay pipes that bring fresh spring water into the villages. Without the pipe systems, many residents in these areas would be forced to rely on polluted stream water or walk long distances to meet their daily water needs.  Water is essential to human life, yet many people take it for granted. 

To raise more money we will be having a Pajama Day this Friday, March 13th.  Also on Friday, March 27th, we will have a sports wear/jersey/ team hat day.  Please bring in $2 if you would like to support these 2 fun activities.  At this time, we have reached 1/4 of our goal.  Please be generous to help out this very worthy cause.