Hot Food/ Pizza/ Milk

posted Oct 5, 2015, 11:41 AM by St. Michael ‎(Fitzroy)‎ School
Hot Food/Pizza and Milk orders are now all offered on School Cash Online.  You can register for School Cash Online on the button to the left of this announcement on the Home Page. This year there are 5 different Hot Food items plus/or pizza if you prefer.  This session runs from Oct. 26 to Jan. 29th for the milk and every Wed. for Food. If there is a snow day, the food day missed will be tacked on to the end. (Feb. 3).
If you do not have access to interent, please use your local library, or come into the school and we can assist you.  We have had many positive comments from Parents already logged on to pay their Activity Fee.  School Cash Online allows debit or credit.  They also have a toll free number if you need help. 1-866-961-1803