Classroom Baskets for our Silent Auction

posted Dec 5, 2014, 8:52 AM by Linda Ladouceur   [ updated Dec 5, 2014, 9:06 AM ]
Themed Gift Baskets that each class, and staff have contributed to will be on display, the night of our Christmas Concert. In the past this was a huge success. Each grade has chosen a theme and children are asked to contribute a new inexpensive item to put in the basket for his or her grade.  We would like to have all items in by Tuesday, Dec. 16th so we can take inventory and prepare the baskets.  The baskets will be displayed in the front hall. We are hoping to get a wide variety of items to make the baskets exciting and appealing, so anything goes. The more that come in, the more baskets we will be able to make.   Thank you in advance for your support.  The following are just suggestions to help you with ideas:


Mme Caroline /Ms. Landy’s  K1 Kindergarten– Kitchen Basket

(Cookbooks, tea towels, napkins, cooking magazines, oven mitts, measuring cups, baking trays , fancy cooking utensils etc.)

Mrs. Pilon / Mrs. Wilson’s K2 Kindergarten– Spa Basket

(nail polish, creams & lotions, bath salts, spa gift certificates etc.)

Mrs. McStravick’s Gr. 1’s - Toy Basket

(cars, games, dolls, balls, skipping ropes, etc.)

Mrs. Vick’s Gr. 2’s –Tool Basket

(Hammer, screw driver, measuring tape, glue, work gloves etc.)

Mrs. Quinn’s Gr. 3’s– Italian Basket

(pasta, spices, sauces, cheese grater, cook book etc.)

Mme. Da Silva’s  Gr. 4/5 - Everything Chocolate Basket

(chocolates, hot chocolate, cookies, recipes etc.)

Mrs. Buist and Mrs. Nash’s Gr. 5/6’s - Power Outage Basket

(blanket, candles, flashlights, batteries, scarves, board game etc.)

Mr. Nolan’s Gr. 7’s -Sports Basket

(balls, pucks, mini sticks, skating passes,  Sens or 67’s items etc.)

 Mrs. Stashick’s Gr. 8’s  - Arts and Crafts Basket

(markers, yarn, canvases, scissors, glue, stickers, paints, glitter etc.)